Vicksburg National Military Park

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The licensed Vicksburg National Military Park battlefield guides shy away from "canned tours."  They bore visitors and even the guides themselves.  

VNMP licensed guides are constantly studying, attending seminars, and gleaning new stories and perspectives on the Vicksburg campaign from a multitude of primary and secondary resources to give Park visitors. The tour is tailored to the visitor's knowledge and expectations.

This hard work by the Park's licensed guides ensures visitors are not only educated, but also entertained, and get their questions and curiosity about the War of Rebellion and the Siege of Vicksburg answered professionally with the latest available information.

Can Your "Canned Tour" 
Answer These?

Why did Indiana consider seceding?

What was the "War of the Canes?"

What is a "Mercantile Battery?"

Did a woman really design Grant's campaign plan?

Does "Old Abe" still fly around the battlefield?

What cannon was called the Soda Bottle?

How are George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Henry Clay connected to the Siege?

Why did Gen. Joe Johnston hate Jefferson Davis?

What is under Jefferson Davis' statue's  heal?

Who were Crazy Jane and Whistling Dick?

How many gallons of water and p0unds of food were required for both armies each day?

Why did Wall Street want to secede?

How many horses are needed for 220 cannon?

What do Cheerios and the Siege have in common?

What regiment was first into Vicksburg after the surrender?

What do Operation Desert storm and the Campaign for Vicksburg have in common?

Why is the Campaign for Vicksburg called the "Engineers' War?" 

How much does a Napoleon howitzer and limber weigh?

What is "flying artillery"?

How did a Confederate officer save General Grant's life?

What do the Grand Canyon and Siege of Vicksburg share?

How was General Grant hoping to equal George Washington with a victory at Vicksburg?

Who or what was the "Child of the Storm?"

What was the Mechanicsburg Corridor and what was Grant's solution to the problem?

Who was the last living Vicksburg siege veteran?

What officer at Vicksburg befriended accused assassin Mary Surratt and walked her to the gallows?

This officer, who handed Maj. Gen. John McClernand his walking papers, also burned the University of Alabama and captured Jefferson Davis.

Which monument was never dedicated?

Why is General Grant wearing a Navy sword?

What Union unit wore kilts?

What is a shee-bang?

How many tons of coal did an ironclad burn per hour?

Why does the U. S. Flag flying at the Cairo sport 34 stars?

What do tombstones back to back in the National Cemetery mean?

How much did businesses charge to dig a cave for a family of two cost during the Siege?

Don Troiani featured a Vicksburg commander in his painting "General of the Confederacy."  Who?

A Vicksburg Iowa veteran's ashes were found in a warehouse in 2012 and were given a formal burial. Whose ashes were they?

The attack of 22 May used a famous military technique for the first time.  What was it?

Nike has a presence in the Park.  Where?

Regiments from which state fought hand to hand against each other on 19 and 22 May?

Abraham Lincoln's brother-in-law was wearing gray on the battlefield.  Where was he?

What do the Statue of Liberty and the Siege in Vicksburg have in common?

Why was the Mississippi Memorial dedicated before it was completed?

This last Civil War veteran president signed the Act to create the Vicksburg National Military Park?

What is the source of the Sunset Red Granite used to build the Texas Memorial?

What former U. S. Vice President was in the Army of Relief intending to save Vicksburg from the east?

Which president lost a child during the war?

After the Siege, what happened to General Grant that kept him on crutches for two months?

Who was the last Major General in the Siege to pass away?

What group spoke out against the completion of the back portion of the  original Iowa Memorial?

What tragedy befell General Sherman at Vicksburg?

Why was Vicksburg against secession?

What man flew "three miles" without a craft of any kind?

Why was Vicksburg, not Gettysburg, the most important event of the war?

When did the South surrender?

In what northern state was slavery legal during the war?

What Union general tried to close West Point after the war?

Who signed the "witness paper" for Union flag bearer's Medal of Honor?

What unit earned the motto "first at Vicksburg" at the  Stockade Redan?


Can A "Canned Tour" Answer These?
A Vicksburg Battlefield guide can.

How did the armies shoot through all these trees?

What did Gen. Grant say when he saw the Defenses of Vicksburg?

How did US Engineer Steward Tresalian make up for designing ladders too short for the 22 May assault?

What common bond did Illinois private Albert Cashier and Kansas Sgt. Arthur Luther share?

Why were the Vicksburg campaign casualties so low compared with other national battles?

What did Jefferson Davis approve that doctors nationally wanted to ban?

General Grant wanted Unconditional Surrender.  
What did he get?

The main Vicksburg Commanders were from the North.  Why were they fighting for the South?

Why did the Sultana disaster really happen?

Why didn't the Vicksburg river batteries work as planned?

Are there Confederates in the National Cemetery?

Did a woman create the most sculptures in the Park?

What does Jefferson Davis have to do with camels in the Army?

Which Union states had more troops in Vicksburg than Pemberton's whole Army?

Which Union state had the most troops per capita in Vicksburg?

Why was Maj. Gen. Fred Grant perturbed at the dedication of the Illinois monument?

What were famous gunfighters Black Bart and Jack Slade's connection to the Siege of Vicksburg?

What is the connection between the Apollo Theater and the Siege?

What park feature has been named a National Historic Engineering Landmark?

How does the 101st Airborne commemorate a part of the Siege of Vicksburg to this day?

Why did General Grant fear linking with General Nathaniel Banks at Port Hudson?

Why would Union troops have been eager to attack Vicksburg on 19 May?

What battery fired the first Army salvo into Vicksburg?

What qualified a sharpshooter?

The "birthday" of the black American combat soldier is June 6.  What happened on that day?

Ripley's Believe It or Not at Vicksburg.  What is the scoop?

What engineer would tear down Grant's Headquarters and become the first president of the Mississippi River Commission?

How are the Cairo and Orville Wright connected?

Who were "Pook's Turtles?"

What is Spiegel Catalog's connection to the Siege?

What happened on General Grant's  birthday in 1876?

110,ooo Army and Navy shells flew into Vicksburg, but how many civilians were killed?

Confederate troops in the trenches amused themselves by watching kind of races?

What contribution did Tiffany Studios make to the Park?

What Union soldier was the Siege's youngest Medal of Honor winner?

Were more Americans involved in D-Day or the Siege of Vicksburg?  Which resulted in the most American casualties?

What maritime disaster associated with Vicksburg rivaled the loss of the Titanic?

What percent of the Vicksburg National Military Park is considered wetlands?

Is Fort Nogales the highest point in the Park?

What Union engineer would later design in Tidal Basin in Washington, D. C.?

What union officer from Vicksburg would be the only Civil War veteran in uniform in World War I?

This union officer at Vicksburg ordered the first shot fired at the Battle of Bull Run.

Stephen D. Lee resigned what post to assume leadership of the Vicksburg National Park Commission?

Mary Todd Lincoln's brother in law was in the Army of Relief and later killed in the East.  Who is he?

Who is known as the "Mother of the Park?"  The "Father?"

Who is the only Union Corps commander with a statue in the park? And why?

What significant role did the steamer Imperial play?

What role did agronomy play in the war?

Who was General Grant's role model?

What regiment at Vicksburg recorded the last fatality of the war?

Where was Abraham Lincoln's brother-in-law on the Vicksburg lines?

Why did the Vicksburg defenders not get sent to a prisoner of war camp?

What common bond did Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln share?

Who paid for the majority of the memorial for Waul's Texas Legion at the Great Redoubt?

The most Medal of Honors awarded in one single action? How many and where?