Vicksburg National Military Park

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The VNMP staff agree a lthat one of their licensed guides is the "best way to experience the Battlefield."

The Vicksburg Campaign was the most complex in American history, and one of the most in world history, second at the time only to Xerses invasion of Greece.  The stories, perspectives, and intrigue are as endless as are the opportunities to explore this critical moment in history.

Vicksburg National Military Park licensed guides provide almost endless ways to experience the vast array of historical, cultural, and natural resources throughout the Vicksburg National Military Park.  

Whatever time you have, VNMP guides can tailor a tour to meet your schedule, interest level, and knowledge.  For tours longer than two hours, just add the hourly rate x the hours you want. VNMP tour prices are sgown below.

Two-Hour Standard Tour
Please add $5 per hour COVID Surcharge

1-6 people car tour         $60  ($25/hr)
7-15 people van tour     $70 ($35/hr)
16+ people bus tour       $80 ($40/hr)

Add additional hours at the rate for that tour.

City of Vicksburg Tour

Many of the VNMP licensed guides are certified to host tours of the City of Vicksburg.  The same rates apply.  Add a Vicksburg city tour to your Park Tour, or take a Vicksburg tour only.

Campaign Tour

The whole Vicksburg Campaign from the Tennessee River expedition to boots on the ground at Chickasaw Bayou, Port Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Champion Hill, Big Black River, Milliken's Bend, Grant's Canal, the River Expeditions, to the final assaults on Vicksburg and Siege. Site visits generally within 50 miles of the Vicksburg area.  

The Vicksburg Campaign: An 8-hour Adventure
Customize your tour at the hourly vehicle rate for car ($25, van ($35), or bus ($40).  An entire day or two, if needed.
Please add $5 per hour COVID Surcharge

The VNMP now offers are special tour to protect guides and visitors.  The Licensed Guide leads in his or her car, connected to yourcar by Bluetooth on your phone/car sound system.