Vicksburg National Military Park

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1800 Acres
1340 Monuments, Markers & Tablets
110,000 Individual Stories
150+Years of Vicksburg and Park History

“We were able to hire a private guide. What an experience! No way we would have gotten the same experience without that knowledge and guidance.” Guest Feedback, 9/16/2014

The Vicksburg National Military Park is the Art Park of the World and one of the best marked battlefields in the world.  The campaign for Vicksburg was the most complex amphibious operation ever undertaken on American soil and one of the largest in world history.  It was the decisive event of the American Civil War.

Compounding the military strategy was the intrigue and personal battles within the leadership ranks on both sides and the suffering behind the line in the Vicksburg township. 

Let a Vicksburg licensed battlefield guide forever change the way you view that pivotal moment in history in just a 2-hour or3-hour tour.

The VNMP staff agree a licensed guide is the "best way to experience the Battlefield."

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